This post may be of most use to function bands but if you are trying to build up your fan base, a clever video title can also help.  

There are 3 main tools that can be used to attract viewers to your videos.  The video thumbnail, description and as we will talk about in this post, the video title.

You might be saying 'surely you just name the video after the content', but if you do this you are not optimising your video for SEO.  In this post I will break down the different factors that go into creating the best video title.


You may already know about using keywords to improve your website but did you know that your video title also contains keywords which search engines use to discover the subject of your video?

As with keywords for your website it is always best to undertake keyword research.  The most common way to research keywords is using the keyword planner tool in Google Ad Words.  

I will not go in to detail here about how to conduct keyword research as that is a subject that deserves it's own dedicated blog post but I will give a few pointers.  If your video is a rock function band based in Kent then you will search for 'Rock Function Band Kent'.  Google Ad Words will then give you suggestions for similar keywords as well give you figures for the search volume and competition for the given keywords.  You are looking to find a sweet spot of a high search volume and low competition for your chosen keywords.

Another small tip.  If you are optimising your video for Google search rather YouTube, add the word video at the end of the title as people will likely type this keyword if they are searching for videos.

Character Count

Character count for the video title plays a very important role when optimising your video for search, especially for Google.  

First of all Google truncates it's page titles to around 66 characters.  If your video is hosted on YouTube then ' - YouTube' is automatically added to the end of your video taking your character count down to around 56 characters.  

If you exceed 56 characters then Google will add an ellipse '...' to the end of your title which could block off important information about your video in the title.

YouTube Ellipse.jpg

The character count forces you to be creative and figure out a way to be as descriptive as possible in as fewer words as possible.  

A good way to start is by removing words such as 'the, and, a' etc. as these words are useless to search engines and do not affect search results.


The structure of a title plays an important role as the first few words can be enough to persuade or dissuade a potential viewer to watch your video.  The following three steps should help you structure your title to help with SEO and draw people's attention.

  1. Find a relevant, highly searched and targeted keyword (as I covered in beginning of this post).
  2. Add the keyword to the beginning of the title.
  3. End the title with a benefit driven or curiosity provoking statement.

For example, you have a promo video for your corporate function band Party Time (amazing name I know).  You could title the video 'Party Time promo'.  This title isn't very descriptive and doesn't draw your attention.  Plus unless a viewer already knows your band name, they aren't going to find you by just searching.  The keywords for this title could be 'Party Time, corporate function band' so I would change the title to 'Party Time Corporate Function Band: Why we are the band for you'.  Immediately this title makes a statement that the viewer wants clarified as well as being more descriptive and creating interest.

If you are an originals band, a popular way of gaining new fans is to cover popular songs in your style.  Lets say your band is called The Twinges (I seem to be good at naming bands) and you play in an indie rock style.  You have covered 'Bad Blood' by Taylor Swift.  The best way to start is by structuring the title of the video in a similar way to the original's video which would be 'Taylor Swift - Bad Blood'.  This will help you be found by fans of the original song and artist.  Next add the style of your cover followed by your band name which would give you 'Taylor Swift - Bad Blood indie rock cover by The Twinges'.  This way you are adding two extra keywords, indie and rock, anyone searching for indie rock music on YouTube will now be more likely to find your video.


A great title paired with an amazing description as I covered in the last post can easily lead to you being found by more fans and new potential clients.  These are the basics of getting your video viewed, a little bit of time invested now in getting it right will pay off down the line.

Now that I have covered the basics of Youtube SEO what would you like me to cover next?  Let me know by leaving a comment below or by heading over to our Facebook page.

Dave Proud